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Course Description

Building on real life entrepreneurship, only offered to existing business owners of 2+ years, students will learn and apply a variety of marketing strategies and techniques suitable for start-ups as well as fundamental marketing theologies to give them a foundational understanding of how to drive their business through eCommerce and Digital Marketing. First clarifying their competitive landscape they go into Digital Marketing Channel Education and Strategy and then into ideal customer offerings and testing.  Students will develop eCommerce Strategies, marketing plans and campaigns and align with long term plans with key KPIs/Goals they will be measured against throughout the course.  Text book meets real life.


Topics Covered:

  • 3 Full Day Boot Camps

  • 5 Half Day Workshops breaking out Boot Camp Content

  • Competitive Analysis - Direct, Category and Other Vertical Aligned

  • Customer Strategy - Building your Ideal Customer Experience/Need Fulfillment

  • Conversion Metrics Strategy - Stats and Goal and KPI Setting
    SEO, UX, Affiliate & Partnership Marketing, Database/Email Strategy

  • Marketing Channel Strategy - Search, Display & Social Marketing

  • Partnership Marketing - Referral, Loyalty 

  • Fundamentals of Marketing - Value Proposition Design, Customer Profile and FitMarket Segmentation, 6 Ways to Gain Customer Insights and Experimentation vrs Business Plan

Digital Marketing & eCommerce Course

Finally, a course taking 5.5 days that can change the face of your business and open substantial revenue streams to your existing business. 
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